Monday, May 24, 2010

May 21 – National Waiter/Waitress Day

Well, I have never technically been a waiter or waitress; a waiter because well…I’m not a man, and waitress because I hate doing anything with food besides eating it. I was a server at a banquet hall however, in my poor high school days. My hatred of serving food has made me have an appreciation for those that do it. Therefore here are some of my complaints for you customers:

1. Don’t Shoot The Messenger
If a restaurant is out of something or the coffee is bad…it’s not the waiters fault. I highly doubt that they are the ones who order the food and prepare it…and obviously they don’t taste test everything before they give it to you…would you prefer that. Instead try politely and respectfully letting them know or just pick something else, that would be great!

2. Tip!
Sorry for those of you who think that it is dumb to tip and you think that the restaurant should just pay the employees more…A) that would raise the cost of food, at least now you get a choice, and B)it’s not the servers fault so put a few more bucks down on the table cheapo! If you can’t afford a decent tip (minimum of 20%) then maybe you shouldn’t be eating at a restaurant where you need to leave one. There are plenty of other options…go make your own food.

3. Waiters and Waitresses Are People Too
Maybe your server is grumpy, or forgetful, or any number of things…take a deep breath and instead of adding to their problem realize that they to are just a person. Maybe they just got some bad news, maybe they are stressed out, maybe they just need someone to smile at them and treat them with respect. Try it instead of getting all high and mighty and talking down to them. Instead of ruining their day you could make it better…think about it.

To the waiters and waitresses of the world I say, THANK YOU!!! You put up with a lot of crap!

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