Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16 – Sea Monkey Day

I don't know about you, but this does not look like a pet I would like to have...eww.

"Sea monkeys are small shrimp-like specimen that have been sold as pets to children in the United States since 1960. They are also sold in the United Kingdom, where they are known as "Artful Arties." The name Sea Monkey was chosen for these creatures because of their playful, monkey-like behavior. When purchasing a Sea Monkey, a person will receive a water purifier package, a food package, and an instant-life-eggs package. When the eggs are released into the salt water, the Sea Monkeys emerge from their cysts. This instanteous hatching is known as "instant life.""

Did you know?
• Sea Monkeys breathe through their feet
• Sea Monkey eggs can survive for years without water
• They are born with 1 eye but develop 2 more--that's 3 eyes
• They are attracted to light so you can teach them tricks with a flashlight
• They require water and feeding once a week
• SeaMonkeys are actually a fascinating shrimp, Artemia nyos, that are easy to take care of and will provide your family with hours of amusement and education.


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