Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 29 – National Dance Day

When I told Jared this he immediately started to do a little jig…if I had captured it on tape I would have had to put a warning to STOP drinking, make sure you didn’t have to go to the bathroom, and hten it would be safe to watch it because it was…interesting to say the least. I love it though that he just busts out into these random things all the time. At least he is getting into the day. I have a few different dance styles…my favorite and Jared’s favorite for me to do too is my car dancing. I don’t mean to brag, but I would put myself in the top 3% of people, however, only a select few get to see my real moves. If you are ever so lucky…watch out and prepare to be AMAZED!

I love how everyone dances on Ellen – just one more reason it is one of my favorite shows ever! (sadly because we have been moving I have not been able to watch her for a few weeks…I’m getting a little upset about it!)

BEST DANCE EVER...just another reason I love Ellen!

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