Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 2 – Fire Day

Too bad yesterday wasn’t fire day because I saw a HUGE fire. An apartment complex was on fire as I went to Lowe’s this morning. In the video you can’t see the flames, but you can see all the smoke!

Once I was in Montana when they were having huge wildfires…I was the last car they let go through and then they closed the road. There were flames right on the side of the road, helicopters flying right over me with HUGE things of water and firemen running all over! It was CRAZINESS.

I am glad to say that I have never been in a fire, but I do always think about what I would grab if I had only a few seconds. I would get our removeable hard drive, Duke, Chubba, and my pillow…I figure Jared would take care of himself.

On the happier side of fires, I LOVE roasting marsh mellows to make s’mores and making things in those fire irons…grilled cheese or a pizza variety are the best. I also love laying in front of the fire in the winter, makes me feel all warm and cozy while it is nasty outside.
Duke is also a HUGE fan of the fire. That picture is from Christmas a couple years ago.

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