Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 22 – Jelly Bean Day

I am 99% sure that this day was made up by stores to get rid of the extra Jelly Beans they had in for Easter. We have had a little bowl of Jelly Beans sitting on the counter downstairs in my parents’ house since just before Easter…

Today I was at the store thinking about today’s holiday looking at Jelly Beans to buy…then I remembered that we had some already at home…at this point in my life any money I can save is GREAT! So I passed up my favorites…Starburst Jelly Beans to eat the old classics we had at home. I didn’t get home until late and then…THE BOWL WAS GONE! I couldn’t believe it, they had been untouched for over 2 weeks now and now when I need them…they are gone!

Therefore I did not eat any Jelly Beans today, but instead am sitting here thinking about all the Starburst ones I could be eating…Darn!

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