Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 9 – Name Yourself Day

Today I decided to fulfill my mom’s lifelong dreams and named myself Edith…you can call me Edie for short. My mom wanted to name me that and has always loved the name. We actually named our dog that…very cute for her.

Edie seemed like a horrible name to have while I was growing up, but now it is starting to seem not so bad. Kinda like bell-bottoms or tight jeans or big hair – you know those things that you swear you are NEVER going to wear and then one day you do it…kinda like that.

My mom was Patricia – when she was a young girl she decided she was going to change her name…she wrote Patricia on a lunch card and got in big trouble…apparently you need to do more then just write it on your lunch card for your name to change…who would have thought!

Go live a different life today as someone else…enjoy!

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