Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 3 – Find A Rainbow Day

Today was raining – so I figured that was a great step in the right direction for finding a rainbow. I was unsuccessful, however, in finding an actual rainbow. I did find the Rainbow Grill, I also thought about rainbows and how amazing it is that colors just appear in the sky.  (that picture is someone else's rainbow...sadly)

My favorite story about rainbows is one that my mom tells…when I was born she looked out the hospital window and saw three rainbows (I am the youngest of three girls). I think that is pretty cool, even the sky was telling her.. “now you have the perfect child…here is a miracle for you to remember this day” TADA! So now I think whenever there is a rainbow God is just reminding my mom that I am the best daughter ever!

Go search for your rainbow today!

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