Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 10 – Golfer’s Day

I couldn't find that much official about this day, there are E-cards for it though.  One place said that on April 10, 1916 ,the first professional golf tournament was held, and that this is likely why we celebrate Golfer's Day today...I guess we'll never really know for sure, but this sounds good to me.

I woke up today, Saturday, and instead of my usual CMT morning I actually watched the Golf Channel….and surprisingly it was entertaining! There was a “marathon” of They Hank Haney project - Tiger Woods golf coach who was trying to get Ray Romano to shoot better then an 80.

I also live on a golf course and saw many people playing golf. Jared and I have vowed to get better at the sport – because right now we are awful!

I used to play more when I was small…however, when I would get sick of it…after about 3-4 holes maybe sometimes I would last until hole 7…I start “Power Putting”. I invented it, but I am pretty sure it should become a real sport. You can probably guess by the name – you only use your putter. You drive with it, get out of the sand with it…everything! I strongly recommend you try it sometime!

My brilliant friend also pointed out to me that you could celebrate Golfer’s Day by Putt Putting or by playing Frisbee Golf.

Oh, I did actually watch some of the Master’s today too!

To check out Hank Haney's Tips go to: http://www.hankhaney.com/

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