Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 15 – Rubber Eraser Day

In 1770 on this very day Joseph Priestly discovered that scratching paper with rubber would remove pencil marks!

Oh eraser how many times have you saved me from writing the wrong thing! Wring the wrong name like Tim instead of Tom, Brain instead of Brian, too instead of to. So many times I had to add the extra little stick on eraser to my pencils because I would burn through the one that came attached to it. Erasers come in all shapes and sizes today. A very useful invention and I am so glad that good ol’ Joe made that discovery so very many years ago.

Today I learned that until about 160 years ago the eraser was not attached to the pencil – teachers thought that it would just encourage students to make mistakes. European pencils don’t have erasers attached even today, maybe they are more confident…or maybe they are behind the times…not sure, but if it works for them then that is good enough for me!

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  1. Interest tidbit of trivia - Joseph Priestly lived in Northumberland, PA which is about 10 miles from Danville and a small town that I have driven through about a million times. They have a museum and his original house is still there!a