Monday, April 26, 2010

April 19 – High-Five Day

My favorite t-shirt is the one I am wearing in this picture and it says, “MICHIGAN America’s High Five”. I could not be prouder to live in the high-five of our country! High fives are fun, always given as encouragement or celebration, sometimes while running or jumping = basically they are always a good time…Just like Michigan!

I especially enjoy giving high-fives to my two little buddies Colter and Tillman (cutest babies ever!).

So go out today and high-five away. Try silently raising your hand as you pass someone and wait for that magical perfect SMACK!

(There is controversy on this day – many say it is the 19th while others say it is the third Thursday in April – either way I think the high-five is just glad it has a day!)

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