Monday, April 5, 2010

April 4 – Walk Around Things Day

I am thinking that this day was either made up by a lazy older sibling or parents that were just too tired.

Lazy older siblings – I can see them lounging on a chair or laying directly in the path of where the younger sibling was playing, perhaps racing a car or running. When asked to move the older sibling takes advantage of the fact that the younger sibling thinks they are the coolest and says that today is Walk Around Things Day – therefore by moving the older sibling would not be helping the younger one to celebrate the day.

Parents – After hearing the kids walk around the house chanting “I’m Bored!” one of the parents come up with the ingenious idea that today is Walk Around Things Day and says the children should go walk around the OUTSIDE of the house, around the neighborhood, the car, the mailbox, the yard, etc. Hours later everyone is happy – kids are exhausted and parents had some peace and quiet.

Today I walked around our table, Jared, Duke, the bed, the house, the car, another table…it was all very exciting…I guess it gives you a 360 view that otherwise you may never had. Try it today…Walk Around Things!

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