Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sept 27 – World Tourism Day

Odd how this comes the first day I am done being a tourist.  World Tourism Day is a day to note the importance of tourism. This year’s theme is “Tourism – Celebrating Diversity”.  There is an official website for this day it is:

Today I decided to be a tourist in my own city of Seattle.  So I got Jared & Duke to join me and we headed out to enjoy our city.  We went first to the outdoor sculpture park downtown - we weren't that impressed.  Next, we headed to Pike Place Market, a Seattle favorite.  On the walk there Duke stopped at his favorite bakery and got a treat, once at the market we bought some gorgeous flowers for only $5, enjoyed some street musicians, and then headed back to the car stopping to get a Cow Chip on the way (Cow Chips for those of you who don’t know are cookies and they are delicious!) You also can pick up a big yellow sticker (which we did) and wear it proudly on yourself declaring to the world that you ate a Cow Chip.  We then headed to another part of downtown and ate lunch at Dick’s Drive-In - another great Seattle thing to do.  After our adventures downtown we headed back to our actual town of Redmond and went to Marymoor Park.  This is our favorite place to go and is home to the Marymoor Dog Park (40 acres for dogs to run freely); needless to say Duke had a great time.  Finally, we ended at home on the couch watching the Seahawks lose to the Chicago Bears.

Here is a list of some of my recommendations if you are ever in the Seattle area:
1. Pike Place Market
2. Sisters Sandwich - great place to eat by Pike Place Market
3. Take a seaplane ride from Union Lake around Seattle
4. Marymoor Dog Park
5. Dick’s Drive-In
6. Catch a Seahawks Game
7. Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula
8. Take a ferry somewhere
9. Mallard’s Ice Cream in Bellingham
10. Tulip Time in Mt. Vernon
11. Lake Crescent on Olympic Peninsula
12. Mt. St. Helen’s
13. Mt. Rainer
14. Downtown Kirkland or Edmonds (fun little towns to walk around and Edmonds is the home to travel writer Rick Steves)


  1. Michelle,
    Your mother-in-law sent me your link to this post. I attend church w/your in-laws. My husband & I are actually coming to Seattle on Thursday for a mini-vacation. We're hitting every MLB stadium, so we're hitting the Mariners game on Friday.
    I noticed reading a few blogs that we have a few things in common. My b-day is Sept. 20th (though i'm a few years older-just turned 35). Saw you just went to Italy, we went 2 years ago, we loved Venice & Rome. I hope you had a good time.

    Thanks for the recommendations!
    Kristine Dreyer-Northville, MI

  2. hahaha...i'm debating whether or not it is clever or gross that the cookie company has a cookie sticker saying you ate a cow chip considering that's another term for dried cow poop! either way, it's memorable!

    thanks for the hot spots...hopefully ryan and i can get there soon to visit!