Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept 20 - National Punch Day

From the research I did on this day, no one was quite sure what type of punch one was supposed to celebrate…so I decided to cover as many as I could.

• I physically punched my mom, Herm, Jared, a few statues, and my bed…and I was also punched in return.
• I punched my train ticket from Florence to Rome to validate it
• My ticket was punched with a hole punch on the train by the train attendant
• My luggage decided it wanted to join in and punched me in the chin as I was lifting it into the overhead storage area on the train.
• At dinner we told some jokes with punch lines (note to self…none of us are good at telling jokes)
• I couldn’t find any punch to drink, or to make
• I spent some time reflecting on Hawaiian Punch and the big Kool-Aid Man

A thought occurred to me… Maybe today is punch day because tomorrow is the International Day of Peace. It allows you to get all of your anger and frustration out one last time in preparation. Just a thought


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  1. Hellooooo Friend! Between the "Michelle-esqe" picture and remembering the Kool-Aid man (reminded me of the Kool-Aid Man socks I used to have), this was a most entertaining post. Keep up the good work!