Friday, September 4, 2009

It All Begins September 18th, 2009!

Hey Everyone - Follow me as I celebrate a different holiday everyday for the next year.  I may not be able to post everyday, but I will be celebrating everyday!  Some of the days I am looking forward to so far are: October 31st - Increase Your Psychic Powers Day, February 20th - Hoodie Hoo Day (not quite sure what this is about yet, but it sounds fun), April 26 - Hug An Australian Day, July 1st - Build A Scarecrow Day, and August 10 - National Lazy Day!

It's gonna be a great 26th year of my life I can tell already!


  1. Should be exciting! I can't wait to see what crazy holidays you come up with. So far, my favorit may be the "hug an austrailian day." I can only imagine the feat of finding an austrailian in seattle...let alone allowing one to hug you. Have a blast!!

  2. Hey Michelle- I love your writings so I am looking forward to laughing and thinking about your holiday adventures. Thanks for helping us all out a bit with everyday gladness!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun michelle - good luck finding a holiday every day, but I'm sure there is one - or, you could just celebrate your life! Love, Dad