Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Beginning...

Seeing that I am going to be in Italy when my 26th year begins I will not be able to post everyday.  I am not sure about internet access, but I will be writing something and celebrating everyday so I will post as soon as I can.  BOO, that this is happening right when I am kicking off my Year Of Holidays.  I can't complain too much seeing that I will be doing what I love...travelling...with people I love.  However, just not the greatest start for my blog.  If you want to celebrate with me here are the days I will be celebrating...feel free to join in!

18 = National Play-Doh Day (Also...MY BIRTHDAY!)
19 = International Talk Like A Pirate Day
20 = National Punch Day
21 = International Day of Peace
22 = Elephant Appreciation Day
23 = Checkers Day
24 = Punctuation Day (there is a really cool rap you can learn!)
25 = National Comic Book Day
26 = Johnny Appleseed Day

I will be back in the US after that!

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