Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sept 24 – National Punctuation Day

Most common punctuation mistakes:
1. Apostrophe for plurals
2. The Comma Splice
3. Quotation marks for emphasis
4. Multiple punctuation marks
5. Punctuation outside the quotation
6. The missing comma after introductory elements

An English teacher’s dream I am sure. I have heard it said that absence makes the heart grow fonder so here it goes:

I began the day walking on the streets of Paris with Jared croissant in hand debating which was the colon and which the semi colon it proved to be an interesting conversation oddly enough we then discussed out favorite member of the punctuation family and we both came up with the same one the exclamation point I love it and I love writing two or three in a row for extra emphasis I once had an English teacher who believed that you should only be able to use three exclamation points in your life she must have been a dull person im thinking never having anything to exclaim no angry shouts no hoorays or yippees my three exclamations would be used up in the first line of an email to one of my sisters I feel the need to exclaim things several times a day at the least

In my research I found an awful little punctuation song you can listen to it in two different versions rap or blues Ill warn you though it is very catchy Jared and I may have permanently tattooed the chorus on our brains with that warning here is the link to the song


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