Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5 - World Environment Day

I must say that living in Seattle made me much more environmentally aware. I try to always use re-useable bags, or just put whatever I am getting into my purse. I have trash and recycling service. I know those aren’t the biggest things, but every little bit helps, and it erks me so much when people have like 1 or 2 small items and they put it in one of those huge plastic bags. Or like one box of Kleenex into a bag, and that is the only item…isn’t it just as easy to carry the box as it is the big bag?

Oh, I also try to turn off the water when I am not using it, I prefer to have the windows open to air conditioning, and I would rather not leave the lights on…for environmental as well as financial reasons!

Today try to make one change to help the environment…and encourage others to do the same!

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