Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 1 – Dare Day

Today I dared myself to keep up with this blog! I started this blog when I lived in Seattle, Jared went to work and school full time and I was bored out of my mind. Since then we have moved back to Michigan, by family and friends, there is nice weather, I have a house to take care of instead of just a small apartment, we have a yard, I have a job, I am on a kickball team, and taking a photography class! My life has gone from a level activity of 1 to about 9.5. Needless to say I am having trouble keeping up with my blog, participating whole heartedly in the holidays, and having the energy to write about it.

I really want to finish the year and make it through my holidays, but this is getting to be quite a challenge. I am daring myself to continue and make it all the way…

You think Christmas time wears you out…try a whole year of holidays…I will be glad when my celebrating is up, although I am learning something everyday, and that’s always good.

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