Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 4 – Old Maid’s Day

I remember playing this when I was younger, we had the coolest card and the old maid was…well old and I could see why she was single.

However, 99% of the “maids” I know are GEORGEOUS and I have decided that they must intimidate people or something. What is the deal with AMAZING people not having a line waiting to even just talk to them…boggles my mind. Then you have the people who you think would be an old maid forever and they have guys fighting over them, or been married multiple times…well that could be a problem.

Anyways today if you are a Maid…give the “Old Maid” name a new look. Live and Love being a maid…even if you can only do it for today, if you are happy being a maid that’s awesome. Today is the day to celebrate all of ya!

HaHa, I love how this picture has the "Old Maid" with a cat!  CLASSIC!

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